Photo - Instruments Aero Express Parts buys jet engines and sells engine parts under the Jet Engine Parts Program. See the program for details.

Aero Express Parts provides investment recovery services to liquidate inventories of commercial aircraft parts on behalf of the aviation industry, banks, leasing companies, and bankruptcy estates. Choose the Consignment Program to maximize the recovery of value. Aero Express Parts also purchases packages of properly documented aircraft parts for its own account.

Photo - Disk If you have any questions, email Don Lueke who has over 35 years experience working in aviation materials management with airlines. When older aircraft are removed from service the value of parts decline as the supply increases and the demand falls. Good reasons to liquidate surplus inventories now are:

Photo - ValveTo free capital for other uses

Recover higher values now than later

To eliminate the cost of maintaining inventory

Information about aircraft and engine parts is on this website.

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